Why Schmittyapolis?

We're a full-service agency skilled in developing strategies that effectively navigate around sticking points encountered by our clients when reaching their consumers. We partner with our clients, helping them increase sales, engagement, and fundraising. Schmittyapolis provides a variety of services including:

Print Design
From concept to a beautifully printed piece, we develop solutions that increase brand awareness and incite consumers to take action. Whether you need a catalog, direct response campaign, outdoor advertising, or collateral, we've done it well and we'd like to do it for you!

Digital Design
In the digital environment, time is crucial. We develop content and graphics for email and social media in a timely manner, then push the content while people are talking about it. Our social calendars focus on content that is important to your followers, keeping the conversation going.
Your logo should tell your story visually. After getting to know your company and its goals, we create a logo that represents your uniqueness in a way that resonates with your industry. We provide full guidelines on how to use your logo effectively in any situation.
Social Media Marketing
Your social media audience is hungry for information. They might be interested in attending an event or learning how to volunteer or how to make a donation. They've shown interest in your organization but are not ready to purchase. Schmittyapolis develops ongoing social media campaigns, based on best practices, that build trust and engagement, converting your audience into advocates and financial supporters. We provide effective messaging whether you are a non-profit, progressive political entity, educational institution or offer B2B/B2C products or services.
E-mail Marketing
Your email list is one of the most important tools you have when it comes to growing your organization. Following best practices, Schmittyapolis provides strategy development and ongoing email content. From content creation, testing, segmenting and finally sending, we can increase your sales while growing your email list at the same time.

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